Empower patients and build accountability with Aspenti’s collection services.

Aspenti HealthTM offers a wide range of convenient collection services to empower patients while ensuring the integrity of the process. As available, providers may consider use of observed or unobserved collections at local patient service centers, onsite collections or education and training for one’s own staff to perform collections.

Through the Color LineTM Program, Aspenti offers a unique approach to supporting randomized drug testing, as recommended by current best practice standards. Random drug testing can be a powerful tool in the treatment of substance use. The Color Line Program offers a simple, patient-friendly solution for randomized testing. Each patient is assigned a color based on his or her risk level. When the patient’s color is announced, he/she knows to come in for a urine analysis.

Aspenti treats each patient with dignity and compassion in order to ease the journey of the treatment and recovery process. The Color Line program helps patients in treatment regain accountability — a life-changing aspect of early recovery.

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