Customize treatment to fit a patient’s specific drug testing needs.

Offering an extensive urine drug testing menu featuring over 75 drugs and metabolites for identification of prescribed medications or illicit substances in urine, Aspenti HealthTM employs both presumptive screening methodology and definitive chromatographic techniques in order to provide the best possible patient care.

Using clinically-validated and evidence-based cutoffs, the testing profile is customized to support individualized patients and medical necessity.

A specialized testing used to determine the specimen’s creatinine, specific gravity pH and general oxidant levels, specimen validity testing is used to provide insight into specimen tampering, adulteration or dilution. This testing, when combined with an observed collection, supports the patient through the treatment processes by helping to ensure the integrity of the specimen.

EIA screening is frequently used as an initial step in urine drug testing services. This technology relies upon antibodies to detect and semi-quantify specific drugs or drug classes. Reports with EIA testing will include positive/negative results along with a semi-quantitative assessment. The EIA is a screening test and, as such, represents only a presumptive or preliminary finding for that class of drugs tested. As clinically indicated, a follow up confirmatory method (such as GC/MS or LC/MS/MS) may be warranted.

Confirmation testing by a combination of chromatographic-mass spectrometric methods is a powerful way to definitively identify specific compounds in urine. These methods rely upon the physical separation of drugs and/or metabolites by measuring the mass-to-charge ratio of ions and quantitate the amounts of the compounds of interest. These methods allow for the identification and quantitation of specific drugs based on their unique molecular characteristics. Mass spectrometry is considered the “gold standard” in the identification of drugs and their metabolites.

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