It is our mission to enhance the quality of life for our patients and their communities.

We acknowledge our responsibility of social stewardship and the importance of partnership and collaboration. By doing so, we promote positive change in our communities, improve well-being and create a better world for all.

To create an impact, we first had to understand the needs. From a national, state and community perspective, we listened and learned.

With input from over 30 agencies and organizations, these alliances and partnerships inspired us to develop a Social Matrix of support on a community, state and national level.

Recovery should be about connection and care. We ensure that it is. Our Client Care Assistants develop deep, respectful, and impactful relationships with our patients. This relationship helps us determine who our patients may need to know, not just based on their needs, but even more based on their talents and attributes. We strive to learn about their vision and goals, identify supports and address obstacles to provide options based on patient desires.

Realizing our patients are the true experts on their situation, we use Options Counseling (OC) to support them in their journey. Unlike traditional counseling, OC is a technique to research and present various options based on a patient’s vision and goals. We do not presume to know what is best. Instead, our patients determine how they would like to proceed and to what extent we are involved. It can be simply providing contact information for services, making initial contact with service providers or, depending on patient desires, even supporting them in completing applications.

We believe that how people in this country are treated should, and can be, changed. Our focus is on voice, relationships, justice and capital. Our work — all of ours — must involve the development of new relationships and the recognition of existing ones that truly benefit the individuals we serve. In this regard, we strive to “silo-bust” through incentivized partnerships that offer our patients in recovery the opportunity to:

  • Connect and collaborate via educational forums with individuals from organizations who serve a similar clientele
  • Learn from others in the field with peer-to-peer dialogue on best practices, successes and failures

Aspenti Health is deeply committed to and actively involved in the communities we serve. We are fueled by the desire to create a world where we enrich every life through diagnostic science and compassionate care. We proudly align ourselves with organizations that are dedicated to positive change. Some of our community partners include:

  • Governor’s Opioid Coordination Council
  • Chittenden County Opioid Alliance (CCOA) GE Healthy Cities Leadership Academy Workforce Development Team
  • People, Education, Advocacy, Recovery (PEAR)
  • Vermont Foundation of Recovery (VFOR)
  • Local Interagency Team (LIT)
  • Drug Abuse Resistance Team (DART)
  • Turning Point Center of Chittenden County
  • Step into Action Vermont

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